~Our current turnaround time is 2 weeks~ If you are located outside of Australia please keep in mind there are shipping delays due to Covid19.
~Our current turnaround time is 2 weeks~ If you are located outside of Australia please keep in mind there are shipping delays due to Covid19.
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Amazing kids rooms

A child's room is a space which is meant to be practical and safe and most of all a place where their imaginations can have some freedom and fun.

These super cool kids bedrooms incorporate clever design with everything a child could ask for in their very own cosy space.

Its not just a spot for sleep, their bedroom is their "home base" with their most prized possessions and the first place they want to show off to their friends on playdates.

These contemporary kids rooms will inspire you and will have you planning something next level for your little ones room. Here are some of my favourite spectacular kids rooms from around the globe.


1- Nordic blush and grey

A beautiful girls bedroom in gentle blush and grey hues

Image- Pinterest

This gorgeous girls nordic style girls room has such beautiful and calming grey and blush hues. A textured bedhead, stunning flooring and a practical and stylish desk space. 

The décor is easily changeable as she grows and I can see this becoming a tweens bedroom without much extra effort. Love!


2- Bunk bed heaven

Image- Pinterest

I absolutely adore this room. All of your kid's friends would be lining up for a sleepover! I can't decide if I'd prefer sleeping in that cosy nook or on that amazing top bunk!

The wall shelves double up as a bookshelf which is conveniently placed next to what could be the worlds best reading nook. Fun all round!


3- A little girl's dream

Image- Dangerfield woodcraft

I don't know about your little girl, but mine would sell her soul for this gorgeous English cottage style bed.

I'm sure resisting bed time would be a thing of the past. Minimal décor is needed as this amazing bed speaks for itself.

The sweet flower boxes add such a touch of charm!


4- Contemporary geometric design

Image- David Mastalka

This super trendy kids room is in a beautiful loft in Prague. It keeps with the flow of the design of the house but stands out as such an on trend space. Incorporating both scandi and geometric styles to create a fun and practical child's room.

Nothing says "I want to be sent to my room" like a wall ladder to climb. 


5- The calm space

Image- Pinterest

This gorgeous little nook is such a great idea! Your child can read, play, draw, build lego cities- the possibilities are endless. I can see mine even sneaking in here to sleep at night.

The clever use of adding pops of colour to a somewhat plain colour scheme means this room can grow when they grow. Who couldn't use this much storage too!


6- Boy room goals

Image- Pinterest

This bed design is such a clever idea and a great use of space for a smaller sized room. It means maximum room for play and fun!

The ladder leads up to the next level of the bed with the bow of the ship being the best hiding space ever! I love how the two beds can see through to one another too.


7- A space that ticks all the boxes

Image- Pinterest

I'm quite certain that this room is every child's ( and adults!) dream room. A space to chill out in that padded little nook, a loft that leads to a tepee, a tv, gym bars and calming timber, white and grey. Sign me up!


8- Girls room perfection

Image- Pinterest

This little cute is smiling for good reason. She has the best room in town (maybe even on pinterest-land!) A loft for all the tea parties one can hope for, a desk to draw, a gorgeous bed and that stunning natural light!


9- Can I be 6 again?!

Image- Pinterest

For the cubby lover! Can we please talk about the adorable little peep hole and mouse hole in this gorgeous bed! There's not much else you need to do with a room with a bed this magnificent residing within. And playdates requests will be most plentiful!


10- Uber cool 

Image- @vasili.lights

This super cool monochrome room is next level. The gorgeous turtle paper lights, the Nordic charm- love, love, love. The bed is a really unique play on the trendy house bed. Lets just stop and admire that hint of a spectacular window too!


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